A Lover’s Malaise

Standing in the midst of silent waters,
A bunch of memories greeted her.
How blissful were those days,
Those moments, he used to embrace her.

How soon everything changes,
She realized with a sudden jolt.
There was once a time of happiness,
But now it was filled with shocks.

There was once a period,
When her eyes used to shimmer.
But now those captivating eyes,
Had completely lost their glimmer.

Slowly coming back to the present,
She stole a glance at her hand.
There were a bunch of photos,
Which she lovingly cradled in her hands.

The last of the tangible memories,
She held them close to her heart.
Remembering the day he died,
She lost an important part.

She couldn’t stop the tears now,
Preparing herself for the dive.
To reunite with her lover, she-
Jumped to never come out alive.

-Ishita Gupta

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